HDR Light Probe 01 CC0

I am the author of the file gl-hdr-01.7z below, I put it in the CC0 Public Domain. This file is free for any commercial or private use.

Light Probe 01 free CC0 HDR

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This is a simple HDR light probe I created using Blender. Most of the lights are being put on top left corner on the screen.  The resolution of this HDR file is not high but it took my computer to render for hours and it should be good enough to be used in rendering 3D objects in studio backdrop setting. This HDR light probe is in the CC0 РPublic Domain License, you are free to use it in your private or commercial projects.

Version 1.1 (27 November 2013)
Some brightness adjustments have been made, to make it easier to use in Blender. Simply add this HDR file as the environment background of your Blender scene, using the default color strength (= 1) should give nice result.

File Name: gl-hdr-01.7z
File Archive Format: 7-Zip
File Size: 336 KB
Image Dimension: 1024 x 512 pixels
Projection: Equirectangular
Original File Type: Radiance RGBE (.hdr)
Original File Size: 1.5 MB

Below is an image rendered using the HDR file:

Light Probe 01 HDR renderedNote: 3D model by qu34style downloaded from www.blendswap.com.