Blender Cycles Image-Based Lighting Using HDRi

Blender Cycles Image-Based LightingLast updated on 1 December 2013.

Using image-based lighting (IBL) rendering technique you can easily achieve pretty good realistic render results with very few settings. There is no need to use lamps to light the scene, you just need to have a good high dynamic range (HDR) image. Glossy and glass materials usually will look convincing using image-based lighting rendering technique. Continue reading “Blender Cycles Image-Based Lighting Using HDRi” »

Blender 2.64 Cycles Box Projection Mapping

Box Mapping Blender CyclesBlender 2.64 has released on October 2012, one of the great thing to know is cube projection mapping now is back in Cyles Render Engine. Cube projection mapping (also called as box projection mapping) is a simple image texturing method which is very useful for architectural rendering.

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Review: Why I use DVDStyler for DVD Video Creation

DVDStylerI occasionally will create some videos and share them with my friends as DVD videos, to do it I need a DVD authoring tool. Sony DVD Architect Studio, Roxio MyDVD VideoLab and Corel DVD MovieFactory are some of the best commercial DVD authoring software. But because I create videos not for money, I’d rather choose not to spend money for it. I found DVDStyler, it’s a great free DVD authoring tool I’ve ever used. Continue reading “Review: Why I use DVDStyler for DVD Video Creation” »

Blender Cycles Cube Projection Mapping

Cube Mapping Blender CyclesBlender 2.62 has been released on February 2012, one of the great thing about the release is the Cycles Render Engine was added with a number of new features. But unfortunately, the Cycles engine on Blender 2.62 still can’t do cube projection mapping. With a bit of work, we can achieve the same result as a cube projection by using some flat projections.
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Public Domain Clip Arts

icon of Public DomainClip arts are images such as illustrations, borders, backgrounds that created by hand or by computer software. The term originated through the practice of physically cutting images from pre-existing printed works for use in other publishing projects.

Finding a clip art from the web is easy, but not all of them are reusable, they are copyrighted. This page has a list of websites that offer public domain clip arts free for any personal or commercial use.
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