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Resources for designers: royalty free, public domain vector clip arts, images, pictures, photos.

Furious Paladin Tutorials

This page will have tutorials of how to create game using Lazarus + Allegro.pas. History: – 31 July 2017, RC3 – Fix background audio issue – 18 July 2017, RC2 – Double sized window on large screen – 18 July 2017, RC2 – Use ctrl keys instead of shift keys – 10 July 2017, RC1 – Use 60 fixed fps This download is RC2. For Linux 64-bit Users You need to have liballegro5.2 package installed. […]

Public Domain Clip Arts

Clip arts are images such as illustrations, borders, backgrounds that created by hand or by computer software. The term originated through the practice of physically cutting images from pre-existing printed works for use in other publishing projects.

Finding a clip art from the web is easy, but not all of them are reusable, they are copyrighted. This page has a list of websites that offer public domain clip arts free for any personal or commercial use.