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Furious Paladin Tutorials

This page will have tutorials of how to create game using Lazarus + Allegro.pas.

– 18 July 2017, RC2 – Double sized window on large screen
– 18 July 2017, RC2 – Use ctrl keys instead of shift keys
– 10 July 2017, RC1 – Use 60 fixed fps

This download is RC2.

For Linux 64-bit Users


You need to have liballegro5.2 package installed.

For Windows User


This download includes the allegro library files needed to run on Windows:
– allegro-5.2.dll
– allegro_acodec-5.2.dll
– allegro_audio-5.2.dll
– allegro_font-5.2.dll
– allegro_image-5.2.dll
– allegro_primitives-5.2.dll
– allegro_ttf-5.2.dll

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