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Computer Motherboard Front Panel Pinouts

If you buy a new computer motherboard it usually comes with a user manual. There you should able to find the front panel header pinout for the motherboard. You may have trouble when changing the computer’s casing if you lost the manual. Because the pinout usually is not printed on the board. Not all motherboards use the same front panel header pinout, you can search the Internet but it may be hard to find the […]

How to Install S3 ProSavageDDR Driver on Windows 7

S3 ProSavageDDR is a very old graphics processor integrated in VIA motherboard chipsets. Savage was a product-line of computer graphics chipset designed by S3. But after being sold to VIA, Savage hardware became integrated motherboard graphics for VIA. It supports DirectX 9 and some basic 3D features, you can use it to play Grand Theft Auto III but the performance is poor. There should be no reason to use it anymore.