27 Image Styles for Your Photos Using FotoSketcher 3.00

FotoSketcher-effectsTurn your digital photos into beautiful works of art. With FotoSketcher 3.00, you can apply pre-defined image filters over 27 different styles, including Pencil Sketeches, Pen & Ink drawings, Paintings, Pixelation, Vintage Photo, etc. It’s free even for commercial use, there is no PRO (paid) version.

FotoSketcher-3.00FotoSketcher is available on Windows only. It can also run on Linux using Wine, unfortunately you may experience some interface issues.

I found this software very interesting, nice user interface and easy to use. Beginners will be able to use it without any tutorial. For advanced artists, there are some hidden tricks like merging 2 image effects, using manual retouch brush, script engine and some interface tricks.

Below are the photos with FotoSketcher 3.00 drawing styles applied using the default settings:

Photo Credit: Andrea Booher.

Quick facts and features of FotoSketcher 3.00:

  • FotoSketcher is a photo effect tool available for Windows.
  • It can be run on Linux using Wine, but with some interface issues.
  • There are 27 pre-defined image filters + 1 frame tool available on version 3.00.
  • Users can fine tune the result by adjusting the drawing parameters and combining with other filter effect.
  • Some basic photo editing tools are included: image cropping, resize & rotate, color adjustment, blur/sharpen, text adding.
  • Also includes advanced tools: batch processing and scripting.
  • The size of this program is small, only 6 MB.
  • Portable version is available, can be run without installing it on your computer.
  • It’s free, there is no PRO version.

FotoSketcher is definitely a right tool I will use to apply image style effects on my photos. Compare to GIMP, it’s really easier to use when applying drawing styles because FotoSketcher has side-by-side before and after preview and easier to switch between styles. Unfortunately, some drawing styles are slow even running using my multi-core processor computer. I think it doesn’t fully utilize my computer processing power. Also, it has some minor interface issues when running on my Linux computer.

Here is the FotoSketcher 3.00 user interface with side-by-side before and after preview:

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