Tree 04 CC0

I am the author of the file gl-tree-04.7z below, I put it in the CC0 Public Domain. This file is free for any commercial or private use.

Tree 04 free CC0 image with transparent background

The image above is for preview only, please use this download link.

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This tree image with alpha transparent background can be used as a billboard for your 3D rendering projects or use it directly in your brochure designs. The tree is a 3D object rendered using Blender internal renderer, I did not create it but I made some modifications of the shape, changed the textures and settings. This gl-tree-04.png is free but if you use it please give credit to the original author jplifelike. I got the original 3D tree, improved, rendered and put it back in the CC0 – Public Domain License, you are free to use it in your private or commercial projects.

File Name: gl-tree-04.7z
File Archive Format: 7-Zip
File Size: 536 KB
Image Dimension: 600 x 800 pixels
Original File Type: PNG with transparent background
Original File Size: 537 KB
Original Author: jplifelike

Based on the same original 3D object, I created 4 trees. The download link above contains gl-tree-04.png only. You may interested to download the other trees:

Below is a sample project using the trees:3D rendered house image with trees added