Seamless Bark 01 Texture PD

The image gl-seamless-bark-01.jpg below is in the Public Domain. I improved the image quality and put it back in the Public Domain. It is free for any commercial or private use.

Seamless Bark 01 free PD texture

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This is a seamless tree’s bark texture generated using several photo manipulation¬†techniques based on the PD texture I found here. The result image is small, but the quality is good enough to use for rendering 3D trees, rocks and rough surfaces. I made it seamless, heavily modified and put it back in the Public Domain, you are free to use it in your private or commercial projects.

File Name: gl-seamless-bark-01.jpg
Image Dimension: 512 x 512 pixels
File Type: JPEG (75% quality)
File Size: 92 KB
Tileable: Yes

Samples of the render results:
Seamless Bark 01 texture rendered