Review: Trimage and Comparison

Trimage Image Compressor vs Yahoo! Smush.itTrimage Image Compressor and Yahoo! are free tools for optimizing images losslessly. Both work similar but may not give you the same result. I have done some testings and here I will review and show you what I’ve found from the tests.

Requirement Linux operating system Need to go online
Image file types JPEG, PNG JPEG, GIF, PNG
File size limitation none Maximum 1 MB
Exposing privacy none Risking privacy to be exposed
Optimized file size Can be larger than’s result Can be smaller than Trimage’s result

Here is my test using 4 random images: (scaled down and cropped)(scaled-down) images for testing Trimage and

And this is the report of the result:Trimage and reports of the test results

I frequently have problem with when uploading large image. This below shows an error (02.jpg) when uploading the image: error when uploading large file


We cannot simply say which one is better, each of them has their own advantages. can give you smaller files, but you’re only allowed to use it on files up to 1 MB in size. For privacy reason, you should not upload your private images to them. While on Trimage, you don’t need to connect to the Internet, but you may not get the smallest results and your computer needs Linux operating system to run it.

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