Photo Enhancement: Brightness, Contrast, Saturation

It is usually happens, photographs transferred into you computer do not give you the desired colors. It can be caused by wrong setting on your camera or some color information losses due to color conversions between devices (scanner to computer, digital camera to computer, etc). You need to photo retouch it to make it looks better. This can easily performed by using the software bundled with the device (scanner, digital camera, etc). There are also […]

Make Old Shirt New

Colors on your shirt will fade by washing. It’s easy to make it vivid again on the photo by increasing its saturation level using a photo editing program. This trick work on most clothes and similar materials. Most photo retouching software has the tools to let you select certain area and adjust its saturation level. Saturation level controls the colorfulness of the color relative to its own brightness. Increasing the saturation level will make it […]

Create a Seamless Image Using GIMP

A seam is a line formed by sewing together pieces of cloth. A seamless image or some may call it tileable background, can be repeated without any seam being visible because the edges of the image blend well. This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to create a seamless background. Such images are good for use as backgrounds or textures in 2D scrolling games and 3D rendering.

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